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alexandriaThe name XANDRIA came from a lovely little girl named Alexandria, a “sleeping beauty” with passion and popularity who is the spirit of the XANDRIA Hotels and the Management Experience.

Alexandria was born in Laos. She is a Canadian citizen presently living and studying in Toronto, Canada. Ten year old Alexandria’s life style began with living in five star hotels in North America and South East Asia, where her daddy was working. The “sleeping beauty” knows what quality is all about, especially when it comes to her meals; she is trained well enough to order her own meals from room service and to be friendly enough with the hotel maids to make her bed just the way she wants it.

Presently she is attending grade six at one of the private Catholic school in Toronto, Canada and her early age ambition is to work in a luxury hotel same as her daddy. Alexandria’s best qualities are her passion, beauty and mixture of culture, which is why she is a shining example at XANDRIA hotels.

XANDRIA Experiences are Low-Mid budgeted to a luxury holidays, immersing you into the local culture, heritage and natural beauty. Follow us on a journey rich with local colors and simplicity and discover the art of the Xandria’s Experience.

XANDRIA Hotels & Management utilize the vision and principles of founder Dan Kurus, an hotelier with an excellent experience in opening, operating and managing hotels from one star to luxury; Hotels, Resorts, Villa/Inns and Guesthouses in North America and South East Asia.

Our first Villa XANDRIA (Muonglao Riverside) opened on October 2010 with six room Villa by the Mekong River banks at one of the World Heritage cities of Luang Prabang, Laos.

Over the last three years, we have developed one of the best “experience and excellent in service” Villas and, adding to that, a knowledgeable hotel sales and marketing team in Luang Prabang those experience has added another three more hotels in three years. We are proving ourselves to be one of the fastest growing hotel management chains in Asia.


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